Clare Brown


Initiated by an emotion or a vision of a shape I create images that, in the most basic sense, feel good to draw. Organic forms such as ovals, stones, trees, horizon lines, and even tracing my own hand are the starting points from which I develop my final pieces.

My artwork is highly influenced by my multicultural upbringing. Living throughout Africa, Asia and Ireland, I have developed and appreciation for a variety of cultural aesthetics. My work displays this appreciation through the juxtaposition of Japanese simplicity and balance, with the ornamentation found in Indian and Celtic art.

I enjoy playing with and transforming the negative and positive space first created in my initial form or shape. By layering ornamentation and applied paper I create a final piece which is, to my eye, balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Many of my pieces are completed with a black border, usually smudged or uneven. I feel that these borders give my pieces a finished appearance without stifling or trapping the work itself. By creating a border that is uneven and organic, the piece can continue to live and breathe.

I began adding borders to my artwork 6 years ago, with no intention except that they seemed to hold together the composition in a satisfying way. Over the years I have realized that each of my pieces becomes a vignette, with the black border serving as a window frame through which the viewer can see and feel a personal story or idea.

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