Daniel Shay


Drawing and driving simultaneously is a process that was initiated in 1984. Media applied to paper is naturally affected by the vibration and velocity of the commute. Control and lack of control exist at the same time, initial works are abstract in style.

Now, nude models are sporadically used for symbolic sessions with results being that the figure "emerges from the turmoil of busy scribbling. It is the requisite speed of execution that is reflected in the work and brings to mind the sense that one can never hope for more than a glimpse of anyone." (Nancy Ungar)

With abstraction, the desired image is like a like an imprint of a visceral landscape. Keeping the vehicle on the road prevents the image from being too safe or mannered, as is often the case with studio drawings. The technique itself is not elaborate. Paper is taped to a fomecore board which is then placed in the passenger seat and moved around to different angles. While on the road, looking at the drawing from time to time is required to orient the marking device. By 2007 the process will log over 220,800 miles and 11,040 hours of art production and in excess of 11,000 commuting trips along a traditionally established route. Each trip continues to be unique and genuinely refreshing.

Fifteen gallons of gas create three hundred pounds of carbon monoxide.

If the drawing and driving process convinces several people to stay off the highways and take public transportation, the environment will be healthier.



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Asian Fusion Gallery
15 East 40th Street
New York, N.Y.


Egypt 2005
Cairo,Luxor, Aswan
Curated by Nabil Maka

Robert H. Smith Fellowship
Dega (Montagnard) Bamboo Techniques
Russian Cultural Center
Washington, DC
University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA

Wohlfarth Galleries                
3418 9th Street NE                          Washington, DC


April - May 1999
"Investigations: Painting on Bamboo and Studies of Motion"